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The Asbestos Network Technical Working Group is developing guidance to explain the HSE expectations around this important area including time weighted averages and how a Licence holder should develop their personal monitoring data.
This guidance is expected to become available towards the end of this year and will provide clear guidance that will support Licence holders as well as providing direction to analysts and clients around this key area.  Graham Warren, ACAD Manager told us “This guidance started out focussing on exposure and health records as there is a degree of confusion around these areas.  We soon realised that PM, which informs these, needed further guidance.  This need has also come out from HSE from Licence renewals”.
Prior to the finalisation of this guidance, ACAD are revisiting our ground breaking research that provided benchmark reference values for a range of activities back in 2018.  At the time, numerous Licence holders, ACAD members and non-members alike, kindly shared their anonymised data with ACAD for the benefit of the Asbestos industry as a whole.
Graham Warren advised “The original benchmarking data was really well received by Licence Holders, and with the work on personal monitoring approaching completion it’s the perfect time for ACAD to once again encourage ACADs growing membership and the wider industry to get involved in this positive work”.
To get involved, contact  Graham via who can answer any questions around this or you can send your anonymised data direct to Graham this way too.

And don’t forget the original benchmarking data is available in the ACAD Technical Reference Library.

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