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ACAD’s central aim of continually raising standards throughout the Asbestos Industry is achieved in part by the growing list of support services we offer to our members.

From our robust position across the Asbestos industry we access and help develop the very latest guidance which means our members benefit from support services that perpetually remain at the forefront of Asbestos knowledge.

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Technical Committee

Got a situation and need some advice?

The ACAD Technical Committee is on hand to support members with any issue they might face and have been involved in many industry consultations including being the sole group to review HSG210 for the HSE prior to its most recent republication.

HSE Licence Renewal

Are you fully confident with the new style Licence renewal process?

If not, then we would recommend investing in one of our dedicated Licence renewal support services.

ACAD Audits

ACAD audits, your critical friend promoting aspirational standards.

ACAD’s in depth site audit with our user-friendly report format which not only offers ideas for improvements but can also be used as a great evidence base for your Licence renewal.

ACAD Information

Are you maximising your return from CITB?

Contact us today for a free of charge review.  ACAD has been supporting our members access thousands of pounds of additional funding over the years, it’s really quite straight forward with ACAD.

ACAD is here to support our members, if you need support or have an idea how the industry can develop then contact Tony Dillon at ACAD.

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