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Licence Holders & Training Providers

ACAD was selected by CITB in 2017 to ensure high quality NVQ assessment delivery at the required standard across the Asbestos industry.

The background to this was the CLC decision of January 2015 that introduced NVQ L2 as the minimum standard for skilled occupations to gain a CSCS logoed card.  As an industry that has never fully embraced qualifications, we face a significant challenge in moving from a trained to a qualified workforce.

Alongside this, ACAD launched the Asbestos industries first CSCS affiliated card scheme, the ACAD Skill Card, which allowed CSCS to withdraw from the Asbestos industry which occured at the start of 2018.

ACAD ACAD’s vision for the centre included engaging with those organisations who represent commercial training providers, the IATP and UKATA, to open up the option for their members to deliver NVQ to support the Asbestos Industry.

It also enabled Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractors to undertake NVQ assessments in-house, taking advantage of the existing HSE requirement to assess and monitor competence to deliver NVQ achievement and unlock renewable blue, gold and black ACAD Skill Cards.  The efficiency, quality and cost saving of this approach being obvious.

Are you interested in delivering NVQ? Get in touch with ACAD, IATP or UKATA to find out more:

Paul Beaumont, Chief Executive at IATP:
“The IATP and its members exist to develop and maintain the highest level of standards for the delivery of high quality asbestos training to raise awareness and protect lives from the ever present danger of asbestos exposure. We are proud to be working with ACAD and other industry bodies in the promotion and implementation of high quality Vocational Qualifications for asbestos workers at all levels.”

Craig Evans, Chief Operating Officer at UKATA:
“UKATA is committed to working collaboratively with industry to raise training standards and awareness throughout the sector. We are pleased to be working alongside ACAD to support the standards for NVQ delivery whilst allowing UKATA members to further support licence holders”.

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