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Regional meetings

ACAD organises 2 rounds of regional meetings in seven regions across the UK each year.  These interactive events are designed to provide the very latest industry updates and ensure ACAD members keep ahead of their competition.  They are also a fantastic way for the ACAD team to meet with members and listen to their views and opinions.

Topics on the agenda include the latest updates from the HSE via the Asbestos Network and associated working groups, Licence renewal information and general updates from Build UK, CITB and other relevant bodies.

ACAD was the first organisation to launch the certification of attendance to recognise the learning that takes place during an ACAD regional.  The agenda includes new items to the industry as well as the sharing of good practice and learning from issues meaning this can be used to support managers and directors annual training requirement.  ACAD Regionals are free to attend and members can attend any region, in any numbers and as often as they like.  All we ask is for you to confirm your attendance beforehand to help support the catering and capacity arrangements.

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