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The Asbestos Liaison Group (ALG) is a forum of key stakeholders including ACAD and HSE that works together in a constructive way to promote best standards and practice in relation to control and work with asbestos.  This builds on the Approved Code of Practice and Guidance documents published by HSE.

The ALG aims to promote measures that will bring about a reduction in the level of asbestos related diseases.  The ALG publishes guidance material, in the form of ALG memos concerning work with asbestos.  Its strategic work is detailed in the ALG workplan which takes forward the HSE strategy. Over recent years the Asbestos Liaison Group has been renamed twice, initially to the Asbestos Leadership Group and recently to the Asbestos Leadership Council.

In 2009 a Technical Sub Committee to the ALG was created (ALG TSC) to meet regular to work through technical issues facing the Asbestos industry.  This group has also changed its name over the years via ALG Technical Working Group to its latest incarnation the ALC TWG.

The ALC has created a number of working groups alongside the long standing ALC TWG. These are:

  • Duty to Manage
  • Licensing
  • Surveyors and Analysts
  • Communications

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