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TICI National Agreement


The TICI National Agreement (Pink Book) can only be legally used by Signatory Parties, in other words, Full Contracting Members.

The TICI National Agreement 2019-2021 (Pink Book) can only be legally used by Signatory Parties, in other words, Full Contracting Members.

Furlough Leave

If you are a TICA Member and would like more information about Furlough or access to a standard template letter please email

Holiday Pay Guidance Note:

Following meetings with the TICA Union Signatories and at the end of our 2016/2017 negotiations, employers were advised to comply with the EAT judgement and calculate euro-leave holiday pay on the basis of ‘normal pay’ averaged over the twelve weeks preceding any leave. This will need to include overtime, any taxed elements of the radius allowance, and inclusive of any bonus payments or incentives.

The EAT judgement applies only to the 20 days of leave derived from the E.U. Working Time Directive (euro-leave) and not the entirety of the 33 days leave entitlement within the TICI Pink Book Agreement. Members are advised to calculate holiday pay for those 13 days over and above the euro-leave days, using basic pay and contracted hours. The EAT judgement confirmed that it was for the employer to label the 20 days of euro-leave.

If you are a TICA Member please remember you can always contact our advice line on

For further information, please contact TICA on 01325 466704 or email

2021 Pay Increase Delay:

Following a meeting of the NJC TICI committee on the 10 December, the employers confirmed to trade unions the intention to delay the 2021 TICI pay increase until September 2021. The employers have also confirmed their intention to undertake a review of market conditions in July ahead of any possible implementation date.

To confirm, it is not the intention to remove the 2021 pay increase – it is to delay the  implementation of an already agreed increase from 1 January to 1 September.

We have been discussing the merits of a delay to next year’s pay award for some months now following the obvious disruption caused by the pandemic and this subject has been an agenda item at the November Regionals.

Members were unanimous in their support of the delay.

We will of course keep you regularly updated as the situation develops over the coming weeks and will add a note onto the agreement and web-site to clarify the pay position for 2021 as remaining in line with 2020 rates.

If any members have questions related to this matter, please contact me directly through the enquiry email:

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