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Technical Committee


The ACAD Technical Committee provides advice and support to ACAD members and is accessed via the ACAD Manager

The ACAD Technical Committee evolved out of the original TICA Technical Committee, which covered both thermal insulation and Asbestos prior to the creation of ACAD.  The exact creation of the original TICA Technical Committee is lost to history, but it certainly operated during the 1970’s and possibly even the 1960’s.  Back then, attendees from this attended the forerunner to the Asbestos Liaison Group (ALG, now the Asbestos Network), which was the Fibres National Interest Group.  This makes it the longest standing Asbestos removal technical committee in the UK, and very probably in the World.

The ethos of the technical committee mirrors that of ACAD, namely best practice and accurate technical adviceAnd that ethos has crystallized through notable achievements throughout the decades including the creation of the Alternative ACoP in the 1990’s, which provided much needed detail on best practice approaches at a time when HSE publications were more limited, and more recently, leading the joint industry review of HSG247: The Licensed Contractors Guide, and being the sole body outside of HSE to review HSG210: Asbestos Essentials. 

ACAD members can access technical committee advice via

Technical Committee members are:

  • Tony Dillon – Chair
  • Mike Wilkes – Independent
  • Alasdair Nairn – Independent
  • Andy Hicken – Cabot Thermals
  • Ian Sayles – Independent
  • John Meates – Independent
  • Jon Chambers – Mitie
  • Steve Watkins – Altrad
  • Stewart Powell – John F Hunt
  • Stuart Miller – KAEFER

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