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TICA-ACAD Skill Card Applications

Due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic many Skill Card applicants are experiencing difficulty obtaining the relevant CITB Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) test. It is currently a key requirement for all applications (new or renewal) that the applicant has...

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Covid-19 Lockdown Advice from ACAD

Following the Prime Ministers statement last night, we are receiving many communications requesting clarification on whether or not we should go to work. The UK is under lockdown but it is our understanding there is a clear distinction between the new social lockdown...

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Guidance on Medical Surveillance

Further to the ACAD update to members providing information on the Medical Surveillance, HSE have now provided additional guidance which can be downloaded here and is shown below: Guidance for occupational health providers, appointed doctors and employers on...

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ACAD Supports Members with Online Training

ACAD has replaced face to face training delivery with remote learning utilising readily accessible technology given the increasing severity of the Covid-19 (Corona Virus) global pandemic to protect our members, our staff and the general public. Given the need to...

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Big Changes to Notification Processes

HSE are making change to the ASB5 and NNLW notification process.  The big change being you will no longer receive an emailed copy of the notification from tomorrow afternoon. The changes to the ASB5 system are as follows: A pdf copy of notifications will be available...

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Electronic Licence Renewals

HSE wrote to Licence holders late 2018 to inform them they will be piloting a new approach to Licence renewals for those with licence expires on or after 01 April 2019. The review via this method is more detailed and in greater depth than those previously conducted...

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