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ACAD Launches Supervisor of the Year Awards to recognise industry excellence, proudly sponsored by the IATP, to recognise those individuals in our industry who go above and beyond

With over a dozen nominations received from license holders across the UK, a distinguished voting panel comprised of ACAD and IATP representatives, alongside Mavis Nye, faced the daunting task of selecting the finalists. After careful consideration, four outstanding nominees were shortlisted for the coveted award:

  • Keith Postill, representing Safe Asbestos Removal
  • Mark Barnett, representing Green Contract Services
  • Phil Dupplaw, representing Shield Environmental Services
  • Richard McHugh, representing Altrad

Graham Warren, ACAD Manager, expressed deep admiration for the supervisors, highlighting their remarkable contributions, such as mentoring new talent, overcoming personal challenges, and successfully executing complex projects:

“The judges found it incredibly challenging to choose a winner due to the wealth of positive examples displayed by the Licensed Asbestos community.

In the end, Richard McHugh, proudly representing Altrad, emerged as the deserving winner of the Supervisor of the Year award. Richard’s exceptional performance as a senior asbestos supervisor and his unwavering dedication to delivering outstanding support services at a demanding site set him apart. Furthermore, his admirable work outside of his role in establishing “In Sam’s Name,” a men’s mental health support group, following the tragic loss of a close friend to mental health issues, exemplified his commitment to making a positive difference.”

“In Sam’s Name” is a vital platform for men in North Nottinghamshire who are currently facing or have experienced challenging times. It was inspired by Sam “Sponge” Fisher, a beloved individual known for his zest for life. Unfortunately, Sam struggled with mental health issues that profoundly affected his well-being. Remembered for his cheery disposition and passions for teaching, music, football, and fashion, Fisher’s warm greeting of “Alreyt Bod” remains etched in the memories of those who knew him.

“In Sam’s Name” provides men with a safe and confidential space to express themselves and find strength and support among their peers. The group has made a significant impact, encouraging open dialogue and breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health.

Following the success of “In Sam’s Name,” Sam’s mother, Gill Fisher, and family friend Zoe Pendelton, have established a peer support group for women in Worksop and the wider Bassetlaw area. This expansion aims to offer a similar space for females to come together, have a cuppa, and engage in meaningful conversations.

To learn more about “In Sam’s Name” and its initiatives, please visit their website at ACAD proudly supports the efforts of Richard McHugh and commends his commitment to excellence and advocacy for mental health awareness.

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