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Following the issue of PPN 03/23 earlier this year, which allows public sector bodies to use the Common Assessment Standard in place of PAS 91, Build UK has published an updated version of the Common Assessment Standard. Version 3.2 includes minor updates to the question set and associated guidance to reflect further legislative changes post‐Brexit and to provide additional clarity for companies being certified. Suppliers will now be required to answer the updated question set when they go through the certification process for the Common Assessment Standard.

Companies that have the Common Assessment Standard are certified once a year by a Recognised Assessment Body and this is accepted by a growing list of Contractors and Clients who no longer specify a particular assessment body.  PPN 03/23 also enables central Government departments and wider public sector bodies to use the Common Assessment Standard to pre-qualify suppliers.

There are two levels of certification: desktop and site-based. Companies apply to a Recognised Assessment Body for the certification level that is most appropriate for their business based on a range of factors including trade, size and the requirements of their clients.  For companies that employ fewer than 10 employees and have a turnover below £1.8 million or a balance sheet total less than £1.8 million, the assessment standards will be applied in a proportionate way.

Companies that have been certified against the Common Assessment Standard by a Recognised Assessment Body can share their key PQ data with other Recognised Assessment Bodies to increase their visibility amongst more Contractors and Clients. For each Recognised Assessment Body that a supplier wishes to share its data with, it will need to complete the relevant form as follows:

  • Achilles – Complete the Data Request form.
  • CHAS – Create or log into your ‘My CHAS’ account, select ‘CHAS Foundation’ if you don’t have an account already, then click ‘Register my accreditation’ in the ‘Common Assessment Standard Third Party’ section, and complete the Data Request form.
  • Constructionline – Complete the Data Portability Request form.
  • CQMS – Complete the Data Request form.
  • SCCS – Complete the Data Request form.

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