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Technical Reference Library

ACAD have pulled together the essential reading list for the Asbestos Industry.  With all the latest publications from HSE together with ALG/ALC outputs, ACAD can be relied upon to provide an authoritative home for essential Technical Asbestos Documentation in the UK.

Appendices to minutes

Appendices are attached to Technical Working Group minutes when the nature and extent of discussions (or the complexity of the subject) warrants further explanation and clarification.  The following links contain a summary of the discussions and conclusions on various topics.

[Documents then listed as per separate email entitled “Appendices”.  Can you order so the 2015 (/15) ones are first then the /17 ones please?]

HSE Publications

No wording for this one just list Documents as per separate email entitled “HSE”


ALG memos do not have any legal status and they are not pieces of formal guidance from HSE.  They offer the views of the ALG on particular issues.

[Documents then listed as per separate email entitled “Memos”]


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