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Early during HSE’s shift of their approach to Licence renewal assessment, concern was raised around the suitability of site-specific risk assessments.  It was felt that overly generic risk assessments were being identified by HSE, often driven by client imposed blue tape, rather than site specific risk assessments focusing on reducing significant risks.

The Licensing Working Group, currently chaired by Rose Bricis of the ALU, has produced guidance to aid licensed asbestos removal contractors in producing suitable and sufficient risk assessments that address the significant risks identified on asbestos removal work sites.

Graham Warren, ACAD Manager commented “This guidance has been developed with some excellent input from ACAD members during ACAD regional meetings.  As well as providing clear guidance around site specific risk assessments, it should prove useful where a Licence holder needs to explain what a site-specific risk assessment should and shouldn’t contain to client and other organisations”.

To download your copy click here.

And don’t forget this and a whole lot more is available in the ACAD Technical Reference Library.

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