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Following a long process of development, the much-anticipated appendices to minutes guidance covering Gas and Electrical services for Decontamination Units has now been finalised by the Asbestos Network Technical Working Group.

The Technical Working Group, chaired by Sam Lord, has developed this latest guidance to clarify expectations relating to DCUs including gas bottle location, earthing requirements and generator usage.  One element that didn’t make it to this final version was in relation to fire protection to the gas bottle storage cupboard.  This was due to uncertainty around the relevance and application of guidance on this specific point, and the group did not want guidance that is designed in part to address “grey areas” to create a new one.

Graham Warren, ACAD Manager commented “This guidance has been developed with some excellent input from ACAD members during ACAD regional meetings and invaluable technical support from our manufacturer members.  It’s particularly pleasing to see guidance start to recognise the impact our industry has on the environment with a firm steer around turning generators off when not in active use”.

To download your copy click here. 

And don’t forget this and a whole lot more is available in the ACAD Technical Reference Library

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