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Our first TICA Best Practice document is now available to full members on our Technical Hub. Our Best Practice Specification “Thermal Insulation for Heat Network Retrofit Projects” has been written in partnership with Fresh Heat Networks, a key ‘client side’ advisor in the Heat Network Retrofit market. Fresh Heat Networks are involved with a significant number of heat network retrofit schemes. Their experience in this market has led them to two key conclusions:


1.        The minimum thicknesses specified in CP1 (i.e. 50MM thick pipe insulation) are usually not compatible with retrofit schemes due to the restricted space available.


2.        Ensuring the highest standard of thermal insulation workmanship possible is key to ensuring the future efficiency/viability of any heat network retrofit project


TICA and Fresh Heat Networks have collaborated to produce a Best Practice Specification that addresses both of these factors.


The document lays out insulation thicknesses in line with the “enhanced levels” employed in the recent update to BS 5422.  The enhanced thickness levels promote a further reduction in W/m heat loss and are rapidly becoming the preferred standard for minimum performance when CP1 is not applicable or not possible.


The document also recognises TICA Membership as a key criteria for organisational competence and CSCS Thermal Insulator Skills Cards as a key criteria for organisational competence.


Chris Ridge, TICA Technical Director said “TICA have been assisting Government and industry in the development of the Heat Network Technical Assurance scheme and believe that once this work comes to fruition the implications for the thermal insulation industry will be both positive and significant. However, along with Fresh Heat Networks, we recognised retrofit as a part of the Heat Network market that needed the best possible answers as soon as possible. We have worked to Fresh Heat Networks requirements to provide a Best Practice Specification they can now utilise in all future retrofit projects.”  


“The “Thermal Insulation for Heat Network Retrofit Projects” Best Practice Document is the first of many documents we have planned in the pipeline as TICA continue to build a central repository of information for our contracting members in our Technical Hub.”


Alistair Moore, CIBSE Certified Heat Network Consultant from Fresh Heat Networks said ‘This Best Practice document from TICA will have a major impact on energy efficiency by stipulating the enhanced insulation levels required on retrofit upgrades on heat networks’.


The Best Practice Specification “Thermal Insulation for Heat Network Retrofit Projects” can be accessed here.


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