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The science is clear – we must halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and achieve net zero emissions by no later than 2050 to avoid the worst effects of climate change. TICA, the Thermal Insulation Contractors Association, have pledged to reduce our own carbon emissions and join the UN Race to Zero via the SME Climate Hub:

UK – SME Climate Hub

TICA have also joined the Construction Leadership Council  CO2nstructZero initiative as a Partner:


Net Zero Carbon will be woven into our business strategy. Below, we will outline our commitments to Net Zero Carbon in three key areas

1. Reducing our own emissions
2. Reducing Value Chain Emissions and
3. Promoting good practice in the wider industry

Reducing our own emissions

When it comes to proactive carbon reduction steps TICA should lead by example. In 2021 alone, TICA have invested in the following low carbon initiatives at TICA House:
Installation of Solar PV panels
Installation of 6 x EV charging points to encourage and enable the uptake of electric cars
Replacement of Hand Dryers with fast and energy efficient models
TICA have also launched a staff Environmental Group which will be looking at further ways in which we can to improve our environmental behaviours and reduce our carbon footprint. We will  be monitoring and measuring the results of our various carbon reduction initiatives – this will help us to establish where we are in our journey to net zero and help guide further business decisions going forward.

Reducing Value Chain Emissions

TICA very much hope that our own carbon reduction steps will prove informative for our members who wish to start their own carbon reduction journey.
Having a Carbon Reduction strategy is no longer just a “nice to have” for thermal insulation contractors. Contractors bidding for public sector contracts above £5m will need to have published a Carbon Reduction Plan to be included in the tender process – these contractors will need to show that they are leading by example with their own supply chains and will be expecting similar commitments for their sub-contractors.
Thermal Insulation product manufacturers and distributors also have a key part to play, both in terms of reducing the embodied carbon associated with their products and implementing policies that encourage circularity and waste reduction.
TICA will champion good practice and amplify the carbon reduction initiatives taken by our members.

Promoting good practice in the wider industry

Thermal insulation will play a significant role in the reduction of carbon emissions. Space heating of buildings contributes nearly a quarter of the total carbon footprint for the United Kingdom – in the drive towards net zero carbon in buildings, thermal insulation needs to be considered as a key factor and not an afterthought. In this case, good practice will result in a classic win-win scenario with end users benefiting from improved energy performance and responsible thermal contractors benefitting from strong specifications that discourage the “race to the bottom”.
The biggest obstacles we have to overcome are ignorance and inertia. TICA will be making sure the thermal insulation industry is heard and will work to overcome inertia and ignorance when we encounter it. We will continue our work at policy level and make sure that the thermal insulation industry is heard.

What’s next? 

It is clear that the we are going to experience an unprecedented rate of change over the next ten years. TICA will continue to support our members through this process. We will be planning a webinar to discuss the drive to Net Zero Carbon during Quarter 1 of 2022. During this webinar we will update members regarding the results of our own carbon reduction initiatives and indicate where we are currently placed in our own Net Zero Carbon journey. We will also offer help and advice to members who are starting their own net Zero Carbon journey. If you would like to find out more about the above initiatives in the meantime then please email Chris Ridge at

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