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A former apprentice at the Thermal Insulation Contractor’s Association (TICA) has returned to launch a new awards system to mark National Apprenticeship Week.

Scott Hill, who first attended TICA’s National Training Centre in 2014 as an apprentice with Gill Insulation, is now the company’s Contracts Engineer, a role that includes responsibility for its four current apprentices.

He was invited to present the trade body’s new awards which are designed to celebrate and motivate apprentices throughout the year.

Apprentices attend TICA for two week blocks of training interspersed by five to six week spells of on-the-job learning with their respective employers.

To mark National Apprenticeship Week (6-12th February), TICA has introduced a new layer to its awards to recognise two apprentices at the end of each training block, one award that is skills-based and one that reflects individual effort. TICA will continue its annual award scheme that recognises overall technical achievement and work ethic on site and is awarded at TICA’s AGM.

Marion Marsland, Chief Executive Officer at TICA, said: “We thought it important to highlight and recognise the efforts that our apprentices put in throughout the year – highlighting not just ability but their willingness to learn.”

“Our revamped awards support what is an excellent way of learning the trade, where apprentices are taught to carry out their work correctly at TICA before they return to their employers to practice and perfect those skills in the workplace.”

Scott Hill said: “Thermal insulation isn’t well recognised compared with other high-profile trades such as plumbing and electricals, but it does offer a great career with a host of opportunities.

“Apprentices that come to TICA with a positive attitude will do well because they will be properly trained at a well-equipped facility. It’s been nice to be invited back, a bit like coming home!”

Helen Anderson, TICA’s Head of Learning, added: “We were pleased to welcome Scott to our facility as it’s important for the apprentices to see someone who has followed the same route and is now enjoying a successful career in the industry.”

Mason Bailey, an apprentice with Nottingham-based Gill Insulation, added: “Scott is a great example of what you can achieve and hopefully I can reach the same level as he has.

TICA offers the best industry training at its National Training Centre in Darlington with the L2 Apprentice Standard for Commercial Thermal Insulation Operative and the L3 Apprentice Standard for Industrial Thermal Insulation Technician.

As part of National Apprentice Week, TICA has been promoting careers in thermal insulation and careers events and jobs fairs in Leeds, Nottingham, and Darlington.

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