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We hope that things are returning to some kind of normality for all our employers and here at the TICA training centre it has been fantastic to see apprentice training activity resume.

We really want to encourage all of you to start thinking about recruitment for our 2021/2022 cohort.

All our inductions are scheduled to take place in September 2021. This ensures that all of the English employers can take advantage of the £3,000 Government employer incentive that closes at the end of September.  At this current stage of the pandemic, we are assuming that with continued rollout of the vaccine and a decline in infection rates, the apprentices will all attend for the one week on site induction in regular group sizes.

For Scottish employers, we will continue to fund a significant part of the accommodation for you with an additional accommodation grant of £1,500.

If you would like TICA to assist with your apprentice recruitment please email Liz Munroe: Liz will be able to place adverts for you on the apprenticeship websites in England and Scotland. We will screen all applications and filter out any unsuitable applications – to save you having to go through this initial process.

The Skill Card team can advise you about the 6 month CSCS Provisional Card that you can apply for if you take potential apprentice candidates on for a trial period prior to registration of the apprenticeship. Please email the team at:

If you have any queries regarding recruitment you can contact me for a more informal discussion and for more information about the apprentice training programme.

Despite the extremely challenging past 14 months, we have still managed to deliver practical training and complete End Point Assessments. Our EPAs have produced some amazing candidate feedback with a number of distinction grades awarded. We want to encourage all our members to use the apprentice training programme and bring forward our next generation of Thermal Insulators.

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