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TICA is commencing recruitment for the next Apprentice intake year, 2019/20.

TICA provides members with a full apprentice recruitment service, writing and placing apprenticeship vacancy advertisements, providing the initial sift of applicants ensuring candidates meet your requirements. We will arrange interviews for you, if required.

Accommodation costs for English and Welsh apprentices is now covered by the funding we receive from ESFA – employers will book the accommodation for their apprentice for accommodation Monday to Friday only, the cost of the accommodation will then be invoiced to and paid for by TICA.

The Scottish Government funding does not cover accommodation costs. TICA provides Scottish members with a £1,500 accommodation grant per apprentice.

TICA has induction weeks starting in September 2019; each induction can hold 10 apprentices. Apprentices will be allocated to the next available induction by TICA. Once the induction week has been completed the apprentices will be assigned to a group and both the apprentice and employer will be notified of the schedule of TICA House attendance dates.

Thermal Insulation Apprenticeships are now assessed using the Smart Assessor Eportfolio system, all apprentices will be trained to use Smart Assessor during their first week. Employer logins will be provided for all their apprentices; if you currently have an apprentice on programme and have yet to use Smart Assessor please contact Louise Peacock to receive your login details and further information.

If you already have a candidate in mind to undertake the apprenticeship, please have your apprentice(s) complete this application form, by hand, and return it to A completed and approved application form is required as part of the apprentice application process.

If you would like to speak with someone regarding recruitment you can contact the following:

Liz Munroe on 01325 734133 or email
Louise Peacock on 01325 734149 or email
Madeleine Hill  on 01325 734138 or email

We look forward to working with you.

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