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Our first new cohort arrived at TICA House on 2 November 2020 for their 1st week of the Thermal Insulation training programme.  We are making every possible effort to keep the apprentices and our staff as safe as possible during this difficult time.

The groups are smaller with lots of social distancing in the workshop, classroom and canteen. We have plenty of hand sanitiser around the site, staff and apprentices wear face coverings.  We have installed body scanners to take everyone’s temperature when they arrive at site and apprentices are required to confirm that they have no COVID 19 symptoms. Tool Box Talks reiterate the need for high levels of hygiene and social distancing. Cleaning at TICA House has been upgraded and the hotel where the apprentices stay complies with all Government guidelines. Apprentices are supplied with packed lunches as we do not permit them to leave the site at lunchtime.

We have developed remote sessions to be delivered away from TICA House – again reducing potential exposure time in our classrooms, these sessions will reduce the number of weeks spent at TICA House by between 2 and 4 weeks over the course of the training programme.

If you have still not recruited your apprentice(s) for 2020/2021 there is still time, if you need help with recruitment please contact Liz Munroe and she will do all she can to help.

Also, for our English employers (sorry Scotland) there is a Government Grant available until the end of January 2021, if you recruit an apprentice.  For recruits aged 24 and under it is £2,000 and 25 and above it is £1,500.

Please contact our apprenticeships team for more information.

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