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Dear TICA Member,

Notice of intent from TICA to cease delivery of the S/NVQ L2 in Thermal Insulation as a stand-alone qualification.

We would like to inform all our members about the strategic decision taken by the organisation at the end of last year to cease delivery of the S/NVQ L2 in Thermal Insulation as a stand-alone qualification.

TICA will not register any more candidates to the qualification outside of a Framework Apprenticeship (delivered to Scottish candidates), after the close of business in December 2022.

The decision to cease delivery has been taken by our Governing Council and IETTL Trustees after a thorough debate with all our members during 2021 Regional Meetings.
Members have been unanimous that construction skills are under ever increasing scrutiny following the Grenfell Tower tragedy, with individual competency schemes about to be introduced over and above formal qualifications for all vocational occupations. This means that having absolute parity in the end standard of competency for newly qualified insulators is absolutely paramount.

This does not mean that private training providers will not continue to deliver the qualification – nor does it mean that TICA will not accept an S/NVQ as part of the application process for a SkillCard, however, every Skill Card applicant post 2022, will be required to demonstrate competency and practical skills at exactly the same level – irrespective of how they have gained their practical skills – and will be tested using the same time-limited practical examination. For an Apprentice, that examination is the End Point Assessment (EPA), for a card applicant with an S/NVQ post 2022, they will be asked to complete a 2 day, L2 Practical Assessment in Thermal Insulation  – this will be an exact replica of an EPA and will cost exactly the same.

The L2 Practical Assessment is only required when an individual is applying for their first TICA Skill Card and will not be required for any future renewals of their TICA card.

Offering a different route to competency that does not require any in – college / third party training will in the future, come under significant scrutiny from wider stakeholders including the ESFA, Ofsted and Ofqual.

This decision is part of a package of measures as we deal with the wider implications of competency being driven by the incoming Building Safety Act and the requirement from Construction Leadership Council that our sector has a recognised and transparent competency framework.

We will continue to work with our sector to ensure that skills in Thermal Insulation remain protected and at the heart of our work in TICA.


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