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Stuck in traffic, client needed you or just on holiday. There’s always demands upon your time meaning you cannot always get to an informative and engaging ACAD regional but help is at hand in the form of our new ACAD webinar.

The new ACAD webinar adds to the growing list of venues ACAD operate across the UK. In addition to the NE, NW, Scotland, SE and SW we have recently launched our new Hampshire regional so we can hear from even more ACAD members. Member engagement is really important to ACAD, we want to listen and understand your views on everything to do with the Asbestos industry so we can properly represent you and your organisation.

So how does the webinar work? The first thing to remember is that it’s really straight forward, it’s a bit like watching the TV but you can ask questions of the presenter. Ideally, they work best in a room on your own, if you have headphones with an integrated microphone that’s even better but you can also dial in from a mobile or landline. If you are out and about you can access this using your mobile but don’t forget you will need a good internet connection.

The webinar is planned for 10:00 on Friday 15 November, to register just click on this link and enter your details, it’s all completely free as part of your membership of ACAD.

Don’t forget you will still be able to receive certification to recognise the learning that takes place during an ACAD regional to support managers and directors annual training requirement

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