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New ACAD Member GKA Innovation:  Overview of Services

Accountants and financial advisers tend to only have a restricted understanding of what companies in the asbestos abatement field actually do and many companies in this sector are not fully aware of the various funding schemes that they can benefit from.  These include government funding opportunities such as R&D Tax Relief, Grants, Patent Box, Energy Savings as well as private funding towards the commercialisation of a given product.

Inspired to bridge this gap in communication, GKA Innovation is one of the only firms in the UK that is founded by PhD qualified technical specialists and chartered accountants to assist companies in the asbestos sector who are in the dark about the “who?, what?, where?, when? and why?” of available funding opportunities.  In addition, GKA Innovation attends HMRC’s R&D Consultative Committee meetings, so you can be sure we understand what you can claim but perhaps more importantly what you cannot.

Our highly qualified technical team evaluates your activities to assess their eligibility for a range of funding schemes and our in-house chartered accountant transforms the relevant qualifying activities into valuable cash benefits.  Moreover, our Financial Director is an ICAEW chartered accountant with a Practising Certificate and we are all committed to upholding the ethical standards of Professional Conduct in Relation to Taxation.

Finally, it is important to note that the mentioned schemes are ultimately not about the size of your company, but they are about how forward-thinking and innovative your vision is.  We have extensive experience working with some of the most renowned companies in the asbestos abatement, hazardous materials equipment manufacturing, and waste management fields which makes us well-equipped with the tools needed to confidently assess your eligibility and avoid claim biases.

If you are attempting to make tangible advances in this field and wish to find out more about your eligibility for various funding schemes within the asbestos industry, you can get in touch with our asbestos department via

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