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This year’s Skills Test took place in our newly refurbished and extended National Training Centre and was assessed by two independent, qualified Thermal Insulation assessors ensuring a completely transparent outcome.

 Nominee Jack Fitchett representing KAEFER said “I really enjoyed the day. If I win the Skills Test it would be a big achievement. Our company had three apprentices competing last year who didn’t win.”

Laura Bowes of KAEFER said “We are extremely proud of Jack’s accomplishments over the past four years, making it to the final of the apprentice of the year is definitely what Jack deserved after the hard work he has put in. He has developed into a confident and reliable member of the team. He shows a genuine interest in employees and is always available to assist in solving any solutions to problems that may arise.

Jack displays an ability to learn and adapt quickly to changing situations. He responds quickly to new instructions, methods and procedures. Jack has developed a wide range of skills over the past four years excelling in pattern development and metal work skills.

Jack has also shown leadership qualities, he is able to complete complex tasks on his own as well as part of a team.

Jack has done KAEFER proud with constant good feedback from clients and TICA. Well done Jack!”

Marion Marsland, TICA Chief Executive commented “Our Skills Test creates an atmosphere of excitement and competition in the training centre, and it’s really interesting to see the effect of the two days on our finalists. A happy go lucky mood on arrival quickly disappears as the complexity of the tasks and the intensity of the two days ahead really sinks in. Our apprentices have to deal with being closely monitored by our judges and have the added pressure of being constantly filmed and interviewed. It’s a stressful couple of days for everyone involved, but we can be really sure at the end of this process, we have a genuine and worthy winner. I would like to congratulate all our finalists this year. It was a real pleasure spending time getting to know them, and I can assure all of the employers that they did them proud.”

Michael Tait one of our judges said “It has been a real pleasure and honour to be a judge for this year’s apprentice of the year competition. With the standard of work on display at such an exceptional level, it has made our job choosing an overall winner such a hard decision. All participants have done themselves and their companies proud and I wish to congratulate all those involved.”

The winner will be announced at the TICA Annual Lunch on 20 September, places can be booked on our website. 

Good Luck Jack!

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