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Karl Kelly is the third nominee for the Apprentice of the Year Award.

Karl said “I have been with ARG for just over 2 years and in that time I have learnt a great deal of information and skills to shape my future. I am honoured to even be considered for the Apprentice of the Year award.”

Vicky Blair of ARG commented “ARG decided to start new operatives on the Apprenticeship scheme in 2017. We had two new starters who had little to no knowledge on the industry, but both showed great interest in personal development within the industry. We have loved supporting them through the scheme and believe that some of their newly developed skills and knowledge puts them in a higher class of operatives than someone who may have been in the industry for a longer time. The training days and skills sessions have allowed them to share ideas with the other apprentices to gain a greater level of knowledge.”

Graham Warren ACAD Manager “Karl and the other nominees represent the future of our industry and it’s fantastic to see such a great group of individuals coming through the SAP once again. ACAD launched the Specialist Apprentice Programme in 2015 with the new SAP following in April 2018. With regular starts throughout the year it provides a free route to NVQ L2 competence for your new and inexperienced operatives so it’s clear why so many Licence holders are turning to the SAP and ACAD.”

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