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Following consultation with TICA members back in 2021, TICA announced its intention to withdraw from delivery of the Level 2 S/NVQ Thermal Insulation as a standalone qualification route to competency, outside of the apprenticeship programme. Instead TICA will offer the opportunity for insulators to undertake a two-day Technical Skills Assessment that mirrors the apprenticeship final practical assessment. TICA confirmed that no registrations for the Level 2 S/NVQ will be accepted from 14 December 2022 with a final completion date of June 2023.

The decision taken to remove the delivery of the S/NVQ at Level 2 as an on-site assessment was taken to ensure that competency of thermal insulation operatives remained consistent across all pathways and that any operative who carries a TICA Skill Card will have demonstrated a technical skill level that is aligned to our industry standards. Removal of the on-site assessment route to competency ensures consistency in training outcomes and parity of skills for all card holders.

Private training providers may continue to offer the Level 2 S/NVQ qualification outside of the apprenticeship route.

Insulators should note that when applying for a TICA Skill Card from 1 January 2023 onwards, they will in addition to their non TICA assessed S/NVQ qualification, need to have successfully completed the Level 2 Technical Skills Assessment at the TICA Training Centre in Darlington.

TICA will continue to offer Level 2 and Level 3 Accreditation Assessments, which were developed for very experienced insulators, but the final assessment will change to become in line with the two-day Level 2 and Level 3 Technical Skills Assessment.

The Technical Skills Assessment is a practical demonstration of insulation application, cladding techniques and fabrication skills which mirror the Level 2 and Level 3 Apprenticeship End Point Assessment practical examinations.

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