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TICA Members may be aware of a recent notification from some Kingspan companies (Kingspan Insulated Panels and Euroclad Systems and Panels) and in the media regarding the BRE’s decision to discontinue their relationship with the Kingspan Group. There is a lot of misunderstanding about what this announcement does and doesn’t impact, and it is being interpreted that all Kingspan products have lost their certification, which is not the case.

Kingspan can confirm that this issue in no way impacts Kingspan Technical Insulation or its products (Pipe Insulation, Duct Insulation and Passive Fire Products).

Kingspan Technical Insulation does not use the LPCB approvals system, as it is a certification system focused on setting standards mainly for systems rather than singular components. It is therefore not relevant for Technical Insulation products.

Kingspan Technical Insulation product certifications are not impacted in any way by this change. Kingspan can also confirm that all test reports for the Kingspan Technical Insulation product ranges remain valid. In addition to this, where third party insurer led certification is required, Kingspan Technical Insulation can offer products in compliance with FM Global certification, which does have an applicable standard for both pipe and duct insulation. Details of relevant coverage can be obtained from Kingspan’s Technical Team.   

If you would like any further clarification or information, please contact your Kingspan Technical Insulation contact or the Technical Team on:

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