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The PIR report was originally due to be published by 6th April 2022 to meet statutory requirements.  HSE delayed completion, in order to consider the outcomes from the Work and Pensions Committee (WPC) inquiry into how HSE manages the continued presence of asbestos in buildings 

The purpose of the PIR was threefold, to assess the extent to which the Regulations have achieved their objectives, whether the objectives remain appropriate and if so, the extent to which they could be achieved with a system that imposes less regulation. 

The updated annual costs for complying with CAR 2012 are estimated to be approximately £741m.  This results in a present value estimate of costs of £12.4bn between 2016 and 2115.  Per annum benefits over the same period vary, but their present value is approximately £28.7bn.  The net present financial value of CAR 2012 to the UK is approximately £16.3bn. 

Based on the collective research supporting the PIR including evidence from the stakeholder survey, cost/benefit analysis, epidemiological data and having considered the WPC recommendations, HSE considers: 

  • the regulations are achieving their intended objectives and that those objectives remain valid, 
  • intervention by regulation is still required and remains the most effective way to control the risks of exposure to asbestos, 
  • it is not necessary to amend the provisions of CAR 2012 at this time. 

The full report can be found here and will be discussed at the next round of ACAD regional meetings which can be booked here. 

Here’s the link for the first “here”, and you’ll have the website link for the regionals already 

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