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In the current climate of self-isolation and Coronavirus, employers should can keep up to date using the Governments own web site for SSP advise using this link.

The government guide provides all up to date information regarding payment of SSP, including when it is paid from and for what period. It also details that employers with less than 250 employees will be able to claim back the full 14 days SSP payments once legislation has been passed and that this could be backdated to 12 March 2020.

Thermal Insulation Operatives in-scope of the TICI agreement in addition to Statutory Sick Pay arrangements are also covered by the Welplan industry sick pay scheme.

This will entitle operatives who are off work and in receipt of SSP to claim the enhanced weekly sick pay of £130/week from the fifth day of absence.

Employers are reminded that the TICI agreement has a  38 hour working week guarantee – see section 2.0 of the TICI agreement.

2.10 of the agreement states that: In the event of work not being available for reasons other than those specified in 2.9, which are beyond the employer’s control, the guarantee shall be suspended provided that fourteen days clear notice inclusive of Saturday and Sunday, is given to the employees.

If employers have any further questions or queries relating to SSP or the TICI Industry Sick Pay Scheme, please email our team at:

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