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Many members were shocked to hear the experiences of female analysts during the FAAM conference late last year.  The revelations contained within this covered the past 60 years, and the fear is those who found the strength to share their experiences are only the tip of the iceberg.  To that end, NORAC have created a confidential email address for analysts to share their experiences, or if they prefer, to have someone to speak with.

This is a totally confidential inbox that is monitored by Colette Willoughby, Jean Prentice and Sara Mason.

NORAC have asked the following questions for email responses:

  • As a female analyst have you experienced any unwanted behaviour on site on site?  Please share as much or as little as you want or feel comfortable with.
  • As a female analyst are there any things which you feel could be changed on site to assist with your role?
  • As a female analyst are there any things which you feel could be changed within your own organisation to assist with your role?
  • Is there anything else which you feel may be relevant that hasn’t been mentioned above?
In addition, a working group has been established with representatives from industry including those named above and the HSE to tackle the issues and hopefully bring about change which will also assist all analysts out on site.

ACAD has readily engaged with the working group and will work with all to support efforts to tackle these and other issues throughout the Asbestos industry.

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