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Essential and Construction Worker Covid-19 Testing

The Government has confirmed that coronavirus (COVID‐19) testing is now available for essential workers, anyone who goes into work because they cannot work from home (including construction workers) and members of their households who are showing symptoms of coronavirus. Some construction workers working on projects or infrastructure critical to the response to coronavirus may be categorised as essential workers.

There are two ways to arrange a test:

  • Self‐referral ‐ enables essential workers to book a test directly using the new online system
  • Employer referral ‐ allows employers to refer essential workers for a test via a secure portal. Employers will need to obtain a login by emailing with their organisation name, nature of their business, region, and names and email addresses for two users. Contractors may find it more efficient for clients already registered for their essential workers to request the test on their behalf.

Read the full release from Government here.











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