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Encapsulation Solutions Launch RZ-Ecoseal

Encapsulation of ACM’s and their ongoing monitoring forms a part of many Asbestos management plans.  ACAD member Encapsulation Solutions have brought a new product to market which comes with a 10-year warranty and according to tests prevents asbestos fibres getting through.

Geoff Hunt, Encapsulation Solutions told ACAD “RZ-Ecoseal was originally made for the sealing of kitchen extraction ducts to prevent grease leaks however after testing for the encapsulation of asbestos the findings were zero fibre release.  We are working with SMH to bring this new innovative solution for the encapsulation of asbestos, RZ-Ecoseal, to market and change how asbestos is encapsulated around the UK”.

The product can be applied by hand but usually via an airless sprayer to build up the required 1.5mm thickness.

Lee J Hodgkins, CEO Chirmarn Group commented “We were approached in the Summer of 2019 to trial a product designed to improve asbestos encapsulation works, for almost a year working with Encapsulation Solutions the results have spoken for themselves.  Having reviewed the testing data and asbestos scenarios undertaken in the EU,  using the product has given clients and stakeholders comfort that encapsulation works are safer due to the condensate, fire and permeability results and are a trusted solution following the latest SGS certification for zero fibre release”.

Behind the scenes the company have been investing significant resource into the testing of the applied product, the global consultancy SGS undertaking some of these tests in the Netherlands.  ACAD member SGS UK advised that these meet or exceed the sensitivity requirements of a standard UK airborne fibre analysis to HSG248 and demonstrated in the scenario concerned that there was no measurable fibre release at or above the typical UK limit of detection of 0.01f/ml.

The other principal benefit is the longevity of the product which comes with a 10-year warranty when applied in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.  This offers a fantastic level of assurance to clients and protects Licence Holders from complaints due to deterioration.

Dean Rowe, SMH Group Commercial Director commented “RZ-Ecoseal looks set to raise the bar in the Asbestos industry so naturally SMH wanted to be involved right from the start.  I was really intrigued when I first saw RZ-Ecoseal, the prospect of helping to bring a product with zero fibre release to the UK market is really exciting”.

Given these qualities it’s no surprise that RZ-Ecoseal isn’t the cheapest on the market so calculating your exact requirements is important when tendering for work.  To help Encapsulation Solutions have created a spreadsheet calculator that you can download here.

In addition, ACAD has also created an RZ-Ecoseal calculator on the ACAD Asbestos Industry app which means you can simply input your requirements into the ACAD app on site and you’ll receive a full quote from the UK distributor SMH, probably before you get back to the office!

Both the app and the spreadsheet ask you for individual areas requiring encapsulation and the number and sizes of these, eg boiler room walls x2, 400cm x 240cm.  This simple approach is then enhanced to allow for the subtraction of areas not requiring encapsulation from the overall quantity required such as electrical boxes, windows or doorways.  This means you can accurately calculate your exact requirement for the most complex installations whilst keeping costs and wastage to a minimum.

To find out more about the technical details of RZ-Ecoseal click here.

To download the excel calculator spreadsheet click here.

To download the ACAD Asbestos Industry app with the new RZ-Ecoseal calculator, click here.






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