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ACAD Manager Graham Warren represented members at the recent Build UK Trade Association Forum alongside representatives from around twenty different specialist trade associations.

Graham Warren commented “As a regular attendee at these and other Build UK meetings over the years, I have been able to keep ACAD members ahead of the curve on what’s happening in the wider construction environment.  From the end of the fully CSCS carded site through to the common assessment standard and more recently the drive to improve payment terms, ACAD members have all been briefed in detail to ACAD members long before the news filters out to others.”

On the agenda included updates on the industrial strategy challenge fund that is being invested in UK construction by Government to enable buildings to be built faster, more sustainably and more economically.  This involves looking at the full life cycle of a building to enable procurement to be based on overall value to the UK economy and not just its out the ground cost.

Of more immediate relevance to members is the work going in to improve payment terms for which we were joined by a deputy director from the Cabinet Office to bring us up to speed on Government actions and their likely next steps.  Full details will of course be provided during the forthcoming ACAD regional meetings alongside essential Asbestos technical and other updates.


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