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In February 2017 the two thermal insulation apprenticeship standards were finally approved for delivery by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS). The TICA Trailblazer group, led by Jim Soady of CGB Humbertherm, had spent the previous 18 months developing the new qualifications in line with government requirements.

The apprenticeship standards replaced (in England only and for Welsh apprentices where applicable) the “framework” model of apprentice delivery. Frameworks consist of a number of individual qualifications, eg a Technical Certificate, an NVQ, Employee Rights and Responsibilities Certificate etc. All apprenticeship standards (whatever the subject matter or level) are now a single qualification designed to cover a range of appropriate Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours.

Frameworks in England will be completely removed from the apprentice training model in 2020.

There are 2 distinct thermal insulation standards both designed to mirror the contents of the original frameworks which are still the delivery model for Scottish apprentices.

The standards had to be written for very specific, discrete job roles, so the Level 2 standard was developed to be appropriate for thermal insulation operatives who fit insulation and cladding, and the Level 3 standard was developed for thermal insulation technicians who will fabricate and fit insulation and cladding

Level 2 – Apprenticeship Standard for Commercial Thermal Insulation Operative
Level 3 – Apprenticeship Standard for Industrial Thermal Insulation Technician

The other major difference is that apprentices who undertake the standards, whilst still monitored and assessed over the period of the training programme, have to undertake an End Point Assessment.

The End Point Assessments for both the Level 2 and the Level 3 standards take place over a 2 day period and have 3 distinct elements:

  1. The Knowledge Test – a theoretical, paper based, applied knowledge test using multiple choice questions
  2. The Practical Test – an observed individual practical test to evaluate the apprentice’s practical skill
  3. The Structured Interview – a structured interview focused on assessing the apprentice’s occupational behaviours and application of technical skills and knowledge.

The End Point Assessments will be carried out by independent assessors and the apprenticeship certificates will be approved by IETTL which is now an Ofqual recognised Awarding Organisation and End Point Assessment Organisation in its own right.

In the coming weeks the first cohort of apprentices will begin to undertake the End Point Assessments, we wish them all the best of luck and hope that this is just the beginning of their journey into the world of Thermal Insulation!

Apprenticeship Standards are reviewed by the relevant industry every three years. This is an opportunity for employers to get involved, if they wish, in updating the contents of industry specific qualifications. All Standards are expected to be in line with industry requirements. If you believe our thermal insulation standards are missing certain elements that you would like to see being included in the next review, please contact Madeleine Hill at and we can add you to the contacts who will be invited to attend review meetings next year.

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