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TICA maintains a secure database of all indentured apprentices who have completed their qualifications with TICA in accordance with Schedule B of our National Agreement.

If you require proof of completion of your apprenticeship and TICA hold a record of your apprenticeship, you can obtain a high quality embossed Certificate of Completion. Applications for completion certificates can be found on our website.

Embossed certificates have the advantage of being undoubtably more robust than photocopies of original documents.

In line with the General Data Protection Regulations, we are unable to retain photocopies of original paper indentures and to protect our valuable historical information, data contained in copies of paper documents has been digitised with the information remaining available (if held by TICA) to the individual and to provide proof of apprenticeship completion if requested.

Our apprenticeship scheme continues to indenture all apprentices upon completion, and the original copies of indentures as always will remain with the operative with verification back up information held by TICA.

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