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Government published further clarification for employers and training providers regarding apprentices who are currently on apprenticeship training programmes.

We need you to confirm the working status of your apprentices (are they furloughed).  This is really important so that where we can do so we can continue with the training programme and ensure that  your apprentices reach their completion dates with as short an extension period as possible.  If you haven’t already please let Madeleine Hill know.

The response and attendance at remote lessons from those apprentices who are on furlough has been very encouraging which is testament to their commitment and your encouragement and commitment.

The highlights of the latest Government guidance in the context of how TICA is ensuring the continuation of the Thermal Insulation training programmes are as follows:

  • Furloughed apprentices are allowed to continue their training, as long as it does not provide services to, or generate revenue for their employer
  • TICA is actively encouraged to deliver training to apprentices remotely via e-Learning platforms.  We are doing this mainly via Smart Assessor but we are using other platforms too
  • End Point Assessments – our next round of EPAs are scheduled for early June, it is unlikely that they will take place, we are planning on moving the entire training and EPA calendar forward, more details will follow when we have more clarity about re-opening the National Training Centre
  • Apprentices who self isolate can continue with their training programme via digital platforms OR they can put on a break in learning.  TICA must be informed as to the best option for the apprentice
  • Apprentices who are continuing to  work must continue to log their Off the Job Training hours
  • Apprentices who are continuing to work and who miss sessions at the National Training Centre will be provided with remote lessons and work to complete, employers must allow time during the normal working day for these sessions to be attended by the apprentice

The link to the webpage is here if you would like to read the guidance in full.

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