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Thank you to those of you that completed the recruitment feedback survey, we have received a significant number of responses to this, and we have used your responses to make some changes to our recruitment process which we hope will be beneficial to all Employers.

As of January 2023, we will now be moving to quarterly inductions allowing you 4 opportunities each year to recruit and fill Apprenticeship vacancies giving you the flexibility to onboard apprentices all year round!

At TICA we are committed to safer recruitment and as such, all apprentice vacancies will now be advertised on the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) website.  Where you already have an Apprentice lined up, we will still advertise the vacancy until the Apprentice has been formally inducted, to allow a full and unbiased recruitment process. By posting all vacancies on the website, we can make our trade more visible to potential candidates and also encourage a continuous flow of applicants that could potentially enrol onto the next quarterly Apprentice intake.

We understand some employers struggle with attracting the right candidates and we want to help! As applications come in, we can do the initial sift of candidates, taking that burden away from you. You will then be able to choose which candidates you would like to shortlist for interview.

In the upcoming year we will be focusing on forging relationships with key schools and colleges, specifically in geographic regions that have historically been challenging to recruit for, with the aim of maximising our chances of filling your vacancies with good quality candidates. We will continue to use our social media platforms and other marketing campaigns to advertise vacancies and in addition we are really interested in working with Employers to attend events like careers fairs to really raise the profile and educate people on what Thermal Insulation is and the range of ways a person can access the industry and carve a great career for themselves!

We will be contacting individual Employers in due course to explore options for career/marketing opportunities local to your Geographic regions but please get in touch any time if you know this is something you would be interested in setting up with us.

If you would like to advertise a vacancy, please click here. 

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