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ACAD Asbestos Industry App:  Air Inlet Calculator

To help our growing membership and the wider Asbestos industry establish a base level IT proficiency, ACAD has launched the ACAD Asbestos Industry app on Android.  Here we explore the Air Inlet Calculator.

As part of the air management for Asbestos removal works, a contracts manager needs to ensure they specify sufficient air inlets to ensure an adequate feed of incoming air is available to match the extract requirement for an enclosure.  This is also necessary to ensure flap deflection within a standard airlock is not excessive.

Research and Guidance published by HSE define capacities for a range of incoming air inlets as follows:

  • Standard sized and weighted airlock/baglock, 1,500CMH
  • Prefilter (4), 560CMH
  • Inlet Cube, 4,000CMH

These can be used in any combination to build up the air inlet capacity of an enclosure.

It is important to provide adequate air inlets whilst not introducing excessive capacity.  Too little will lead to excess flap deflection limiting space for decontamination in a standard sized airlock.  Too much will mean too little flap deflection in the airlock and a reduction to the all-important purging air which is an essential element supporting decontamination.


ACAD Asbestos Industry App Solution

The ACAD Air Inlet Calculator removes any errors from this important calculation whilst providing the facility for a permanent record to be made.

Simply input the enclosure volume and ACH rate, then add in whatever combination of air inlets you like.  The calculator automatically calculates the total CMH required and compares this against the capacity of the air inlets you have selected.  A simple sufficient/insufficient indicator then tells you when you have it right.

Planned amendments or changes on site can all be quickly checked to ensure the revised air inlet capacity remains suitable.

To receive a permanent record of this important step, just add a name and email address then click submit to receive your completed report via email.  This also includes a time and date stamp confirming exactly when this was undertaken.

Got a smart phone? Get the ACAD Asbestos Industry App…

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