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ACAD Welcomes Clearer Standards For HSE Welfare Expectations 

In December 2022, HSE published new internal operational guidance relating to the provision of welfare facilities on UK construction sites.  As all ACAD members know, welfare is a fundamental and basic necessity for workers, and providing the right welfare standard sets the tone for a project and demonstrates a commitment to meeting workers’ needs. 

The guidance sets out the approach HSE Inspectors & Visiting Officers should take when inspecting issues related to welfare on construction sites.  This has also led to the enhancement of the highly regarded ACAD Site Audit, which now reflects the clearer HSE expectation. 

Graham Warren, ACAD Manager advised “The new guidance will provide everyone with a much clearer focus on HSE expectations in this crucial area, including clients who should ensure their specifications reflect these requirements”. 

Graham went on to say, “As well as providing clarity around a range of elements including the acceptable distance to a WC and the volume of drinking water that should be provided by the employer, this also includes for ensuring UK construction sites don’t just focus on accommodating male workers, which is another key step in broadening the appeal of UK Construction”. 

The guidance went through a period of development from a range of HSE Inspectors and others, with Matt Greenly, HM Inspector of Health and Safety finalised the guidance for publication.  To help promote this to the Licensed Asbestos industry, ACAD has kindly been provided with a briefing document, available here. 

In addition, Matt Greenly will be attending the ACAD North West Regional Meeting, offering ACAD Members with the unique opportunity to directly engage and ask questions of the HSE’s Portfolio Holder for Construction Welfare. 

If you haven’t booked up for this exciting event already, or any of the other informative ACAD regionals where Graham Warren will be sharing the unique learning obtained, then don’t miss out, secure your place now by registering via this link 


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