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ACAD Training & Qualifications Delivery

An increasing number of ACAD members are taking advantage of the efficient delivery model remote refresher training offers the Licensed Asbestos Industry.  With the full range of Licensed and Non-Licensed refresher courses available through ACAD every week, it’s never been so easy to access ACAD training.

Graham Warren, ACAD Manager commented “Remote training has added a different dimension to refresher training by allowing people from right across the UK attend the same course where in the past geography kept us apart”.

Juliette Church, ACAD Assessor, Trainer & Auditor advised “Like anything new, this technology has created challenges, but the industry has shown it’s resilience in embracing this new way of training to ensure that high standards are maintained”.

In addition to site team and management refreshers, ACAD also offers training courses for administration and office based staff.  This one day course is designed to give these essential staff a detailed knowledge of the Licensed Asbestos industry, an overview of remedial work and an understanding of essential documentation.

Learning from each other during an enjoyable course under the expert guidance of an experienced ACAD trainer is what has become the norm for ACAD but it’s clearly refreshing for those who haven’t experienced ACAD training before.  “There has been positive feedback from operatives, supervisors and management alike, who have agreed that the reduction in down time, travelling and the ease of organisational logistics have shown them a new way of working that can be utilised in other areas of their business.  In addition, smaller learning groups have allowed for a more focused training session allowing more time for in depth learning” Juliette remarked.

Away from remote delivery, face to face training is now back up and running particularly for “New” courses which is a positive sign for the resurgence of the industry.  In addition the ACAD Risk Assessment, Plan of Work and Air Management training course that continues to be in high demand.

Qualification assessment is following a similar path with organisations embracing video technology and remote assessment, techniques TICA-ACAD was utilising as standard pre-covid-19.  ACAD can assess L2 and L3 qualifications for site teams and also the new L4 contract manager qualification this way, a huge efficiency driver for the Licensed Asbestos industry.

TICA/ACAD is also working with the employer group to support the development of the new Construction Contracting Operations Technician L3 Apprentice Standard which look sets to add a whole new route of development for office based staff.

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