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ACAD members are all too familiar with the full range of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) and have a detailed understanding of the level of risk associate with these, particularly the Licensed materials via their proactive personal monitoring strategies that rightly focus research on higher risk activities. 

But what of perceived lower risk removals?  To help answer this for vinyl floor tile removal, NORAC are undertaking a research study to document fibre release from the full range of circumstances this ACM is worked upon. 

Alan Willoughby, NORAC Committee Member told us “The removal of asbestos containing floor tiles is considered to be non-licensed.  However, there appears to be little documented evidence within guidance to show that this is the case.  As part of our technical bulletins NORAC are undertaking a research study to try and determine what fibre release, if any, occurs when removing this type of material”. 

To help support this work, NORAC have approached ACAD to request the support of our members to help facilitate this research work.  ACAD members will be able to demonstrate the best practice approach to this area, just like they do in all areas of work via the quality techniques they employ. 

Graham Warren, ACAD Manager commented “By volunteering, ACAD members who are able to help support this initial research will not only benefit themselves by receiving all air monitoring records completely free of charge, but they also get to support the wider industry including the next iteration of the ACAD personal monitoring benchmarking data”. 

Alan went on to say “To categorise each project the analyst will take a sample of the tiles and undertake separate analysis of this to determine exactly where the asbestos is located. This could be either in the tile, adhesive or even both.  We will also need to determine whether the tile is thermoplastic or vinyl. We can then ensure that we are comparing the same sets of data”. 

To register your interest in this exciting project simply click here and put in your details. 

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