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TICA Curriculum Manager, Hellen Pemberton will present to members an informative session explaining how to administer the 20% Off The Job Training for Thermal Insulation apprentices employed within your business.


Reviewing the 20% Off the Job rules and how they are interpreted by TICA as a provider to deliver an effective apprenticeship programme.
How you as an employer can play your part, and what will be expected from you as the employer for the duration of the apprenticeship.


The webinar will work through some examples of how the rules can be interpreted including:

  • What can be included as OTJT activities
  • Induction – the content of
  • Providing the right evidence
  • TICA working with you as the employer

We will work through a number of examples and discuss how you can create your own internal process for ensuring you are compliant as part of your Government funding contract.

The Webinar will be of interest to all employers who have Thermal Insulation apprentices on the Apprentice Standards with TICA, and we expect the session to last up to 1 hour.

This webinar is to take place on Friday 17 August 2018 at 11:00.

Please contact Lynne Lambe, who will reserve you a place and send across the link to access the webinar.

For the benefit of everyone participating in the viewable Webinar, please read the following house rules:

  • Turn off your mobile phone and land line if using your desk top computer to stop any outside noise.
  • Ensure you are in a quiet room so that no back ground noise is fed in to the group
  • Try to be at your desk a good 5 minutes before the start of the webinar to test your sound and connection etc.
  • Respect the rest of the group when responding or asking questions – use the text box to type questions if you would prefer
  • The webinar will be recorded and filed within the membership area of the TICA web site. Slides and audio can be viewed for a period of time after the webinar.
  • The link will be sent out following the webinar

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