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14 March 2016 – Thinking back, moving forward.

TICA apprentice, John Francis has now finished his first placement phase, telling us he’s ‘enjoyed almost every minute of it’.

John’s visited many different building sites, and, whilst he has been challenged, it has also been the learning curve that TICA intended for him in this initial work based placement.

John has worked with many different skill levels already – some ‘excellent in their field’ and some ‘untrained’. John readily accepts that even for him, as a newcomer to the industry, the difference is obvious.

All in all, during this first placement, both John and TICA have learned many new things, much experience of a workplace has been gained, and more importantly, TICA has gained an understanding of an apprentice who is completely new to the work place.  We will be sharing this information with our members in the coming weeks.

John will be at the National Training Centre in Darlington up until Easter.  He will then move on to his second work placement; this time with CGB Humbertherm in the engineering side of our sector.

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