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6 May 2016 – Steady Away for John

It’s been a time of consolidation for TICA Apprentice, John Francis as he takes on tasks he’s now comfortable with completing.

“I was assisting the supervisor on a stripping job where the vessel had to be stripped and the insulation and metal taken off so that a probe could be attached to the tank. Then we had to put everything back together just the way it was before, just with more cut outs where the wires for the probes were coming off the tank.

This is not the first time we have lagged big metal tanks like this, but it’s challenging as it has to be spot on as they are usually in sight.

I’ve spent time tidying up some left over work, such as the odd straight and bends, and placing flange mats over the flanges that had been missed, which makes this area almost complete.

I’ve also been replacing existing lagging and metalwork which was in poor condition, as well as continuing the pipework to try to get ahead of ourselves, as we are expecting some new work in soon and we will have to pick that up.

We continue to have our weekly toolbox talks to ensure everyone is aware of any issues on site.

In general it’s been a quite uneventful phase, but I’m still learning and improving – and that’s the most important thing.”

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