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Build UK’s work on Pre-Qualification Reform has reached an important milestone.  The Common Assessment Standard (CAS) which they have developed with members like ACAD, aims to improve industry productivity through a streamlined Pre-Qualification process, is nearly finished.

Build UK has now asked for ACAD Members to volunteer to help support the trialling of their Pre-Qualification reform project.  This revolutionary approach to PQ is set to slash the bureaucracy associated with this and ACAD members have the chance to be amongst the very first organisations to go down this route.

The current system of Pre-Qualification in construction is bureaucratic and repetitive, creating unnecessary complexity and costing us all both time and money. Build UK and CECA, with the support of the Construction Leadership Council and in consultation with members and assessing schemes, is on track to solve this but need the support of ACAD members large and small.

Contractors and others will be assessed once, annually, by an assessing scheme of their choosing, against a single Pre-Qualification ‘Common Assessment Standard’.  This will move the sector on from the existing approach of multiple accreditations depending upon which clients you want to work for…

This will be achieved by:

  • Creating a relevant ‘Common Assessment Standard’ that builds on existing best practice in Pre-Qualification
  • Working with the members to deliver a relevant, industry-led solution that is recognised by the whole contracting supply chain.


  • Addressing unnecessary cost in the supply chain, by reducing bureaucracy and complexity in Pre-Qualification
  • Allowing organisations to clearly evidence their capability, by providing greater transparency and assurance in Pre-Qualification assessment.

To help support this project get in touch with us to find out what’s involved and to register your interest


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