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ACAD has been selected by CITB, the Standard Setting Body for the Asbestos sector, to ensure high quality VQ assessment standards for the entire asbestos sector.  As part of this ACAD has successfully launched an SQA centre and a second NOCN centre is due to go live imminently.

These centres are available for our members, as well as commercial training providers who are members of the IATP or UKATA, to access to deliver NVQ directly yourselves in-house.  ACAD will assure the quality delivery of NVQ across all organisations involved in this and can provide support and guidance for members who are interested in going down this route themselves.

ACAD Manager Graham Warren explains “The NVQ challenge facing the Asbestos sector is a significant one that ACAD has been creating innovative solutions to for some time from the fully funded Specialist Apprenticeship programme through NVQ for just £97 to this latest success story.  One non-member LARC recently contacted us facing a budget cost of £35k to get all their workers qualified to NVQ standards.  A quick phone conversation with me and their cost is now around the £10k mark, saving them £25k and if they were a CITB levy payer they would actually make a profit of around 10k by engaging with ACAD!”

ACAD can support you in becoming an NVQ assessor as part of this project, to find out how contact us.  If you are already qualified to A1/V1/D31/D32, get in touch with ACAD to see how you can access our centres are start to deliver NVQ.

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