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Mavis Nye Pool Event A Great Success!

Shortly before the Coronavirus hit the UK, J&L Recruitment arranged and hosted a Charity Pool Competition in aid of The Mavis Nye Foundation.  The whole day was focused on raising as much money as possible to donate to The Mavis Nye Foundation to help with treatments and research into this life changing illness.

Mavis Nye is an incredible woman who has been suffering with Mesothelioma since 2009, she has undergone numerous different treatments and trials and had a breakthrough in 2014 where she was part of a two-year trial, known as the Keytruda trial.  This was a huge success and put Mavis in remission, where she had a great year of no treatment and no progression.  Unfortunately, in 2019 a scan showed new growths.  Since this time she has been on a new trial called Hyper trial which is keeping the growths stable and everyone in high hopes that Mavis will be able to defeat the disease once more.

The day included numerous competitive ‘knock out’ pool games and a raffle full of prizes to be won.  It started off with over 30 contestants until we got down to our final 2 who had an exciting finale match with Mavis cheering them both on.

James Johnson, J&L Recruitment director commented “The day was very full on and we did not stop all day! The first match was at 8:30 and the last was at 4:30, with our office neighbour George collecting the trophy in the last match! It was great to get some industry suppliers involved, particularly Empire and Windsor Waste which helped us raise some serious cash!  Mavis did say that it was the most amount anyone has raised for her and we are now itching for someone to beat this.  Mavis is part of an amazing campaign and she is helping to develop researchers who will focus on life-threatening asbestos illnesses.  She is one of the most positive and pleasant ladies I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and I hope we can support her for years to come!  To have the pleasure of having Mavis attend the day and cheer our players on was also great for everyone involved.”

In addition to this, we managed to round up a generous number of sponsors for the day and we cannot thank them all enough for their contribution.  The day was incredibly successful, and we managed to raise an amazing amount of £4,262.22!

A huge thank you to Empire Asbestos, Windsor Waste Management, ACAD, WeFitRPE, CATO Consultancy, Sperion Ltd, Prime Safety, Kova Asbestos Consultants and Sullivan Contract Services.  Additional thanks to RiverStone who also ran an additional charitable event in the aid of The Mavis Nye Foundation.

It’s never too late to support this fantastic cause, you can learn more about the Mavis Nye Foundation here and donate here.


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