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Hertel’s Neil Routledge is TICA’s Apprentice of the Year.

Neil triumphed over his fellow apprentices to earn the accolade; following the rigorous skills test assessment held at The National Training Centre in the summer. Neil was one of TICA’s eight best performing apprentices who were put forward to complete the day-long test session, which saw them completing a range of tasks.

They were judged not only on the finished product, but also on the way they worked throughout the test. “It’s a tough selection process, which sees the finalists have to perform under pressure for the whole day,” explains skills test judge, Mick Bainbridge.

“All of the skills they’ve learned over their time as apprentices need to be demonstrated. They are set a series of practical tasks which all contribute to their individual finished test rigs. Neil really stood out. He was very impressive.”

Congratulations to all those selected for the skills test.

  • Neil Routledge – Hertel UK Ltd
  • Evan Christie – South West Insulation Ltd
  • Simon King – Linear Insulation Ltd
  • Martyn Angus – Bilfinger Industrial Services
  • Tommy Green – Cape Industrial Services
  • Christopher Brown – Actavo UK Ltd
  • Glyn Johnson – GR Marine
  • Levi Blackburn – Bilfinger Industrial Services

Thank you to Encon Insulation for their continued support and sponsorship of our Apprentice awards

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