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As well as your physical Skill Card, we’re now issuing a virtual card, so you’ve always got it to hand.

The virtual Skill Card is stored on the Vircarda app, which is available to download FREE of charge from Google Play, the Windows Store and The App Store.

Once you have installed Vircarda, simply enter the registration code and PIN we’ll send you in order to download your Skill Card onto your phone or tablet. Your virtual Skill Card has information about you and your qualifi which will display and be stored electronically on your device.

Your card can be checked using Go Smart software, available for:
• PCs and laptops running Windows with a camera or QR reader
• Android devices
• Windows smartphones
• iPhones from iPhone 5

To enable someone to check your card using Go Smart, touch the Read Card option in Vircarda. This will generate a secure QR code that can be read only by Go Smart. Go Smart can check offline and online.

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