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Alert Technology Ltd are pleased to announce field trials of the ‘Asbestos ALERT’, their life-saving new real­ time airborne asbestos warning device, will be starting outside of the UK for the first time with Mini Containment Nederland BV.

The ‘Asbestos ALERT’ is the first device of its kind and the only known fibre monitoring technology currently capable of distinguishing between airborne asbestos fibres and non-asbestos fibres in real time using laser light  scattering  technology   in  conjunction  with  the  unique  paramagnetic properties of asbestos fibres.

Developed as life-saving early warning device for people likely to disturb asbestos containing materials at work, ‘Asbestos ALERT’ offers a vital first line of defence to help reduce the risk of prolonged exposure to airborne asbestos. As the world’s biggest occupational killer, asbestos is responsible for 1 in 3 occupational cancers and claims the lives of over 100,000 people globally every year, according to the World Health Organisation.

After meeting initially in 2016 at the UK’s first Contamination Expo held at London ExCel, Alert Technology and Mini Containment share a passion for innovation and a desire to improve personal safety for those working with asbestos and reduce the risk of exposure to airborne fibres.

Managing Director of Mini Containment Mr Dennis Keirkels conveyed his interest in being involved with the first field trials of ALERT in the Netherlands with a view to future potential distribution opportunities of ALERT in the asbestos sector. Dennis says of the ALERT, “We have long been looking for new techniques to combine with our own innovations. By using the technology of the Alert Monitor we are able to continuously monitor the safety of our system. We are pleased that we can actively participate in the further development of this promising technique as a test partner of Alert!

Whilst not an asbestos removal themselves, Mini Containment have designed, developed and patented a new method of containment for the removal of small asbestos objects from difficult spaces. Mini Containment will commence trials of the ALERT units initially within their own lab environments with a view to including willing companies from their network of Mini Containment licencees in future trials.

Alert Technology’s Marketing Director, Loretta King explains, “We’re very enthused about working with Dennis and Mini Containment. They have a strong reputation as innovation leaders having already succeeded in introducing a patented, new safety technique in the Dutch asbestos removal industry. Their experience and industry connections make them ideally placed to assist with trials of the ‘Asbestos ALERT’ alongside their own patented system of asbestos enclosure units and eventually to help us to introduce ALERT into their market.”

Alan Archer, MD of Alert Technology explains, “The UK and Netherland’s asbestos industries share many similarities in regulations and applications as a result Mini Containment can offer Alert as the benefit of their own experience when introducing a new product to a highly regulated and traditional market place. We see great potential in the Netherlands and importantly the cultural fit between our  two companies is strong. Like Alert, Dennis and his colleagues are 100% committed to personal safety, working to the highest standards and also at pushing against the status quo where new technology has the potential to improve safety and increase efficiencies.”

To learn more about Alert Technology Ltd and our Asbestos ALERT device, please visit www or contact: loretta@asbe I +44 (0)1803 546262.

To contact MiniContainment to learn more about the trials visit: or info@minicontainment. nl I +31850 200 520


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