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Have you started your recruitment for next year?

Let us help you recruit apprentices.

TICA will post your vacancies English based apprentices on the National Apprenticeship Service website and also on the equivalent site for Welsh apprentices 

(In Scotland, employers must access the system direct, but TICA will be able to help you with the interview process)

We will then do the initial sift of applicants and arrange the interviews on your behalf. Our Training Officers will assist you with the interview process.

All you need to do is contact us, tell us about your vacancy and we’ll handle the process for you.

You’ve told us that there’s an ageing workforce in our sector, and there’s a shortage of qualified Thermal Insulators, but many of you have no succession plans in place. Take the first step to securing your future workforce by recruiting an apprentice.

Recruitment for new apprentices is underway, one TICA member received 30 applications for a single apprentice position via the National Apprenticeship Service websites – this is a free service, targeting young people seeking an apprenticeship. Why not use it to broaden the scope of your recruitment?

Once your apprentices have been recruited, they will attend induction at TICA House.

For more information, or to tell us about a vacancy, call Madeleine Hill on 01325 734138 or email

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